Posted by: Karen | April 15, 2008

Rain Smells Good

Rain can sting when it’s blown horizontally at your bare, freezing arms, but it smells so much better than snow. There’s nothing like a little pelting precipitation to remind you you’re alive! You know, just in case you need a reminder.

Last night the run class ran 7:1’s x 8 times. That’s 64 minutes of very fresh air, during which it did not begin to rain until we were at the furthest part of the loop from the store. It didn’t rain a lot, but it was enough to get us damp.

I had prudently worn leggings instead of shorts, but left the jacket in the car and ran in short sleeves, because it had been warm earlier in the day. This worked just fine until we turned into the wind on the way back and my forearms got very cold. Not my hands; just my arms.

The extra chill on the way back gave me a good excuse to let the faster runners loop back a little less. I picked up the pace and therefore kept warmer while running back and forth a little further between runners of a few different paces. This also gave me a good excuse not to run directly into the wind the whole time, too.

Maybe rain smells better because my sniffer isn’t so frozen. I don’t know. It was just nice not to be running in white stuff for once. Not that I mind running in snow. Rain just smells better.



  1. We all want what we don’t have. I would say the opposite. I love running in snow, but it’s so rare that I do and so very, very often that I run in the rain. LIke today…ehh. But I had a great run anyway, even if I was penguin less!

  2. Sometimes when it rains, all I smell is wet pavement, which isn’t that fun to smell. But I think I run faster when it does rain though. Not sure of the science behind it, but it works..


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