Posted by: Karen | April 13, 2008

Beautiful Blue Sky Bike Ride

Woohoo! Hubby helped me pump up my tires right (and check them for leaks) and then I rode 45 minutes on the beautiful blue bike on this beauteous blue sky day!

I found some smooth, fairly flat, deserted streets one neighbourhood over and practiced a bunch of things I want to get the hang of before I tackle higher traffic areas.

I went in and out of aerobars, even right down to the bottom rungs on the handlebars (I’m told they’re called “the drops”). Riding in the aerobars is easier than I thought it would be.

I spent time getting comfy with the brakes and clipping shoes in and out, up hills, down hills, varying speeds, not freaking out on unexpected bits of gravel (like running over ice).

I shifted gears up and down, up and down throughout the ride, and by the end was able to think through which click would make pedaling harder or easier instead of just randomly clicking and surprising myself.

It kind of felt like cheating, to glide effortlessly down hills. Wheeee!

I’m pretty sure I saw some wild prairie crocuses blooming on a hillside. Hurray!

Now I just have to figure out how to work my bike computer, since it has a new battery.

Life is good!


  1. Oh that’s great! I really need to do more drills like that.

  2. So THAT’s what those clicky things are on the handlebars! They change the pedaling effort. I looked it up and found out they are called GEARS! MM and I just got OUR new bikes today April 29th but we are too tired to read the instructions so we are off to bed! We have dorky straight handlebars and some really fancy clicky gear changing thingys that I don’t know how to work yet. No, really. I haven’t a clue. I just want to get on and pedal!


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