Posted by: Karen | April 10, 2008

Weather Report

Last night before the movie it was dry and warm enough to take my new bike out for a spin around the block. I managed to change gears, go down a hill and up one, and didn’t fall over with my feet stuck in the pedals. Oh, and the brakes are easier to manage than I thought.

This morning it snowed a record amount and traffic was nasty, so I stayed home for the morning.

Then the sun came out, so I went to work.

Then it snowed another blizzard.

It also rained and hailed, and there was lightning!

And then the blizzard happened again on my way home.

Now? at 6 pm, the sun is shining again, and I’m getting ready for run class.

THIS is what a Calgary spring is like. We wait all winter for this!

Splish Splash, I think I’ll wear old shoes.



  1. Wow, that’s just crazy weather! It seems to be coming our way for the weekend. But it won’t last… I hope! 🙂 Hope you had a great run!

  2. Great job in getting out there despite the weather! I was raring to go running after the sun came out at noon and I shoveled the walk but after the second ‘blizzard’ I couldn’t get motivated to go out running so I stayed home and worked out on the elliptical machine 😦

  3. Karen, that weather was crazy yesterday, wasn’t it? I was going to run my 15K around my neighbourhood (Tuscany) since I have to knock the run out pretty early tomorrow. As for bike to work day…I didn’t actually see any of those bike stations when I was heading in this morning so I’m not sure what happened… Oh well, at least I took part!


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