Posted by: Karen | April 10, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon Movie

Last night I watched the Spirit of the Marathon movie, open one night only in Calgary. We were glad we’d bought tickets ahead of time on-line, as they sold out earlier in the day. I said hi to Karin G, who was waiting for Carla M in the lobby. The theater was almost full when we walked in at 7:45 for an 8 pm showing. Dawn, Leana, my new friend Leaha from the halfathon group and I all sat together.

The movie was very inspiring, especially since I’d experienced some of the same struggles the first-timers in the film had, and I could understand the feelings behind their words.

The best thread that the director managed to carry through his story is that the elites, mid and back of the packers all have challenges, huge ones, that they struggle to overcome. Deena Kastor had a foot injury that she had to train around/through. The Kenyan that he followed to Africa and Japan struggled so hard with his history. My heart raced during their approaches to the finish, and the audience applauded at one point!

We were bawling by the time the mid and bop’ers started crossing the finish line. It was like when you’ve just been married, you cry at everyone else’s weddings, too. You get the importance of the experience.

The older man the film followed throughout his training and race was hilarious. He described himself as a “sweeper”, because you know, sweepers clear out all the dead bodies along the way… He also said he had to do another one because he thought if he trained a little better, he could probably knock 15 minutes off his time. It totally cracked the audience up, because we’ve all said it to ourselves.

Oh, and that’s why I have to do my next one (sigh). But probably not until ’09 or ’10. And my next one will involve hills. And I have to build this year’s Moose Mountain 29k into my training plan for it – maybe that will help.

When it comes out on DVD we’ll have to have a viewing party and see it again.



  1. It was here on Wed too. I can’t wait for the DVD!


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