Posted by: Karen | April 7, 2008

Tri Training, and Togas

I made it through the rest of the week, too. Then I kicked back so far on the weekend that I forgot to blog it!

Thursday we had a small learn to run class again (where did everybody go?) and made it through 10 rounds of 5:1’s. By the time we’d walked a couple of cool down blocks back to the store we’d covered about 8 km. Great job, class!

I didn’t do hills after class again – it had been quite a tiring week already.

Friday evening I was so glad to be looking at a nice, quiet weekend, that I plunked myself into the computer chair and wrote a short story for a challenge in a writer’s group I’ve recently joined.

On Friday night I wasn’t sure if I would go running with the halfathon group at the store the next morning. I contemplated waiting until Sunday, as I had a swim planned for Saturday afternoon. Then I woke up Saturday morning and saw 2+ inches of beautiful, white, sticky, SNOW! GLORIOUS SNOW! everywhere, and knew I HAD to show up.

If I didn’t show up on a snowy morning in April, I’d get labeled as a weather wimp, which I’m not. Besides, the snow made everything so pretty! and it gave me puddles in which to go SPLISH. Nope, I couldn’t resist. I ran a nice, social 5k with the group over some hills and an overpass, and then squelched mostly downhill back to the store for 5 more, in under 64 minutes.

Later that afternoon my buddy Dianne (who’s doing a triathlon with me later this year) and her family came up to my corner of the city and we did some laps before hanging out with the kids at the Y. I managed 500 very relaxing meters in under 18 minutes, with some instruction between laps. I mostly swam breaststroke, but inserted about 6 laps of freestyle as well.

I hadn’t been super-worried that swimming would be a barrier in completing my first tri, but I still wasn’t sure what I could do. Saturday’s laps gave me some confidence and a benchmark, and I’m looking forward to spending more time in the pool.

Somehow I forgot to get on the bike on Sunday. Keeping my new bike and myself undamaged through the season and the race remains my biggest concern, but we’ll work on addressing that very soon.

Did I promise togas in my blog post title way up there? Oh yeah… um, Dawn has a lovely photo of us partying the last of the cross country season away with a certain running film director.



  1. Ohh, your going to go for a tri?! Good for you! I actually looked at that race. It seems nice and unintimidating, but I think it is a bit too close to my next marathon. Only two weeks apart! Let me know how you like it though. See you at Spirit of the Marathon on Wednesday!

  2. Thanks for the mention…lol

  3. Sure glad you are doing more writing. You need to exercise your mind too you know. Well, I doubt that is a problem, but finding out more about writing is just down your alley, right? Write girl write! I know you spend too much time on the computer sometimes, but…can you write while you ride your bike? Just a thought. Would be next to impossible while you are swimming, or running (unless you carry a whatucalit in that nifty watch to record your (puff, puff) words.


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