Posted by: Karen | April 1, 2008

Made it Through Monday

Yesterday the kids went back to school after Easter break and my husband and I carried on with work.

Soccer Boy called me at work after school, to tell me he’d be staying for some more soccer try-outs, and wouldn’t be home until later. He’d probably catch a ride with someone.

Little Runner had homework (which almost never happens), so I asked Hubby to keep her on task after supper.

When I got home from work I threw a tuna casserole in the oven and hurried off to run class, to find three brave souls had showed up to run 5:1’s out in the freezing cold (we have 3x that number registered). Instead of a talk about nutrition (that segment is being revised), we had some fun talking about what not to do on race days.

The run itself was a struggle for most of us, but we completed 9 x 5:1’s. My legs got all tight and the only body parts that ever felt warmed up were my hands towards the end.

When I returned home I discovered Soccer Boy home minding Little Runner, but no homework was being done, and Hubby had had to leave for a meeting he’d forgotten about. Supper was sitting, untouched but still warm, in the oven.

Soccer Boy’s mouth hurt from the braces. His body hurt from soccer. Little Runner hadn’t been hungry earlier, because she’d scarfed down some Easter chocolate. We all had a late supper, I folded laundry while LR did her math, and Hubby came home in time to give her a good night hug.

O-o-o-o-n to Tuesday.



  1. Sorry I didn’t see you after the run last night. We were having a bit of a staff meeting. Thanks for braving the cold last night. By the way, in case I haven’t told you recently….YOU ARE AN AMAZING INSTRUCTOR and…… A SUPER-COOL PERSON! :mrgreen:

  2. These kinds of Mondays sound way to familiar. I’m glad you at least had a worthwhile training run with those other brave souls. Tuna casserole sounds good to me right about now.

  3. The song “Tell me why I don’t like Mondays” went through my head as I read your post.

    Well, hopefully I can distract you… I’ve tagged you. 🙂


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