Posted by: Karen | March 30, 2008

Snowperson Snow

I don’t understand why people whine about a little snow. Why, we’ve barely had enough to build a decent snowperson this winter. Little Runner and I were quite delighted this afternoon, when the snow was just barely sticky enough to clump together. Look who we made!


If you’re a Sadie and the Snowman fan, we used grapes for the eyes, a carrot for the nose, and a wedge of apple for the mouth.

We used up nearly all the snow in the yard.

That’s pretty much all the exercise I got this weekend, and I’m just fine with that.



  1. sadly our snow was the drippy, everyone is wet and the snowman is as the boy puts it ‘smushed”…but he loved every minute of our spring blizzard…I won’t show him your pictures though…

  2. So cute! nicely done!

    As I look outside it’s snowing again. It’s still as high as the deck! But we expect it’s going to be gone soon, with 15mm of rain this afternoon, another 15mm tomorrow, and finally double digits!! Yippee!

    I’m done with snow 🙂 If you want more, I’ll be happy to send!


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