Posted by: Karen | March 26, 2008

Catching Up

This is one of those posts in which I toss a bunch of items that didn’t mention earlier, when they happened. I like to go back in my blog from time to time to re-experience memories, so bear with my babblings as I make some notes for my future self.

St. Pat’s Race
On March 16 I volunteered at The Original St. Patrick’s Day race. I was going to help at the finish line, but Jim found me an even better post as the last course marshall before the finish. I got to cheer on everyone as they came out of the final turn into the parking lot. It was a cold, snowy, slushy day, and the yelling kept my heart a-pumping. Jim even gave me a radio, so I could call in the race walkers as they came in, to alert the judges. Cool.

You can hear more on the St. Pat’s event from Liesbeth and see this year’s cool shirt on Leana‘s blog. Go check out Dawn’s husband’s account of another race he ran the same day – hilarious!

The next day Dawn came to my Learn to Run class as a guest speaker. Her topic – “Inspiration”. We brought our medals and some photos and she had some great tips for keeping motivated.

Wednesday last week some of us had free tickets to the Run Fatboy Run movie. Sure, it had a ton of immature boy humour with an English twist, but it was funny enough to give me some good belly laughs, and I enjoyed the hokey scenes towards the end the most. Dawn’s husband Darren thought it was going to be a chick flick, but it definitely wasn’t.

Thursday I did hills after class. I think I already mentioned that.

Long Run
Saturday I showed up with the Tech Shop again to run a ways with the halfathon group. Only one runner from the North store showed up, but quite a few from the South store had come too, so we got to make some new friends.

The North store guy (I forget his name, shoot) stayed with me when I peeled off from the halfathon group. They were running 18km – I didn’t want to go that far. We ran about 15km and I felt amazing in the last two. I guess I could have done three more, but I already had a packed weekend planned.

Runners Banquet
After the run I shopped for some special groceries and headed home to clean up. I cooked up a pan of spanakopita and another pan of mississippi mud slide brownies for the Grand Prix XC potluck. I haven’t eaten that much at one meal for a very long time! At the banquet I received my fifth Iron Person (perfect attendance) award; third in a row. I also found out I placed fourth in my age group in the series, which is pretty good when you consider what it takes to qualify to place, and that I live in a big city of runners.

Easter Break
The next day was Easter Sunday, and Hubby and I enjoyed watching the kids hunt down all the candy the big bunny had left out overnight. I cooked up a big turkey, everyone pitched in to tidy the house, and we welcomed seven guests over for dinner.

On Monday Little Runner and I took a long drive up north. We visited with my 91 year old grandma, and then my mom took LR home for spring break. From all reports, they are having a blast.

I have been riding my bike inside. I spinned (span? spun?) for about 30 minutes on Easter Sunday and again last night while watching the Rick Mercer Report.  I got a good ab workout, laughing while I pedaled, especially since last night’s show involved Rick kite skiing and learning to ride a bike in a velodrome.


  1. Congrats on the St. Patrick’s Day race, sounds like a lot of fun..and that movie sounds interesting, think I’ll check it out.

  2. Karen, congratulations on your Iron Person award AND placing in your age group! Great achievement!!!! By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, thank you so much for volunteering at the race. Your enthusiasm helped me sail over the finish line!

  3. Wonderful news about how well you were rewarded at the banquet. Fourth in a grand prix series is awesome…as is perfect attendance when you live where the weather makes for a good excuse.

  4. Good work, Karen! I am bummed that I just found out Blog Friends (the Facebook plugin) has just been shut down…now what, I was just beginning to realize how useful it was to see everyone’s blog posts on one page!

  5. Heh, I finally posted my write up on the Banquet…lol.


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