Posted by: Karen | March 18, 2008

Trashing Treadmills

It just occurred to me why I avoid treadmills so much.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a “down hill” setting.



  1. They actually have some new expensive models with that very feature… I think I still prefer the wind in my hair.

  2. Yeah, I once was at a fancy gym that had a downhill feature on the treadmill. Scared the crap out of me since you do feel like you’re being pitched forward. And I’ll have to think about that meme of yours…it’s something to ponder.

  3. Somehow I don’t think “airplaning” my arms and yelling “WHEEEEE” on a downhill treadmill program would be as fun as doing it outside. Bet it would get some strange looks at the fancy gym.

    Maybe I’m avoiding treadmills because I don’t WANT to see the downhill feature…

  4. Yeah, and we need that. We have to prepare our quads for downhill running. I want a downhill treadmill too!


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