Posted by: Karen | March 4, 2008

Pirouettes and Attitude

Last night our learn to run class started on the fourth week of training, with 9 sets of walk 3 minutes, run 2. As we began the session, I exhorted the group members to find their own individual paces. As the running portions are getting longer the group will start to spread out, and the front runners will loop back regularly for the others.

This week there seems to be even less ice than usual. I don’t need ice as an excuse to fall, though. Nooo, I can fall any old time. Take last night, for instance, when I went to loop back and slipped on a patch of pea gravel. I bounced back pretty quickly, but not before everyone caught me demonstrating an impromptu mid-run push-up in the middle of the road.

You’d think I’d have learned from the last time I fell during a loop-back turn a couple of Saturdays ago. I fell on the same, newly-healed knee, so at least it’s experienced at healing. This time it was slightly more than bruised. I suffered a little road rash/burn through my leggings and it stung like crazy on the drive home. Nothing serious, though. I just need to practice my Instructor’s Pirouettes.

Tonight I also worked some more on my bike attitude. I tell you, it is much easier to stay on the bike now that it has my comfy gel seat on it. I stayed on for about an hour this time.



  1. OUCH! You poor thing. Speedy healing thoughts coming your way!

  2. Good move. Preserve. And encourage yourself too! XOXOXOXOXOX


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