Posted by: Karen | March 2, 2008

Can You See It?

That light at the end of the tunnel – can you see it? Spring is coming. Yes, it is.

We’ve got a crazy-tight activity schedule this week, but soon the indoor soccer season will be over and I can see some blissfully bright blank spots on the calendar. I’m not in a rush for it to end, because I love watching the boy play, but he’s ready to move on to other things for a while.

The sun is getting up earlier in the morning and staying up later at night. Soon we’ll be able to relax a little more into our evening runs, without having to keep watch for frozen puddles in the dark. With spring comes the last race of our beloved CRR XC series, but there are other goals calling me further into the year, as well.

This week I didn’t train very hard at all. I ran 1.5runs/3.5walks x 9 times with the LTR group on Monday and Thursday, but I didn’t do anything beyond that. No time on the bike, no extra fartleks or hills post-class, nothing. I had little twinges and felt tight and tired, and couldn’t figure out why. Then on Friday I looked back at my race report from last weekend I realized that maybe I had a little recovering to do.

Saturday I made up for the week by showing up back at the Tech Shop and tagging along again with their half marathon group. This time I hung in there for the whole 14k, which turned out to be more like 15. We ran 10/1’s and I even remembered to eat a gel at about 55 minutes.

Do you know there is chocolate mint GU? Given that all week I’ve been craving Junior Mints, this gel hit the spot. I have to buy the rest of the box – they’re a seasonal flavour. I don’t take gels on short runs, hmmm. I guess I’m going to have to run longer more often.

I stuck with the pack for the first 10k, and then they got away on me. I could still see them, and this group is great for looping back, but the last few km were a struggle. It was good to have that, though. I needed some time to work on stuff, physically and otherwise, alone.

I ached the rest of the day, but it was a good ache. This morning I felt so righteous, I even remembered to get on the bike for a while.

You know, I just might be learning to look forward to long runs again. Can you see that little ray of hope?



  1. Sounds to me like winter was getting you down, and you need some sunshine to perk you up again, and maybe a box of Jr. Mints!

    It’s getting much brighter longer here too, though it’s freezing rain this morning, and it’s going to snow the rest of the week, spring is coming, I can FEEL it!

  2. Those rays of hope are beaming down on me too. And I had no idea there actually were seasonal flavors of Gu. I wonder why Chocolate Mint tastes better in winter than summer.

  3. Hi Karen, glad you are feeling the long run twitch again! Yes, spring is coming and I can almost smell the flowers already. I adore summer! I too am feeling tired and the last week I have been recovering. I have not run since the Sunday before last and my next run is scheduled for this Wednesday. To be honest, I have not rested for a long time. Do you think I can resume the same weekly distances after not running for a week?

  4. Uh-oh, Karen’s going to run another mmm….aaaa…r…r…r…a….a….th…..

    I can feel it coming!

  5. Oh, and I’ve tagged you…. check my blog 😀

  6. choc mint gu? MY FAVORITE!!


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