Posted by: Karen | February 16, 2008

Saturday Store Run

This morning I showed up at the Tech Shop North for a group run. Their Saturday runs are open to all runners, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My LTR class had been encouraged to come, but it wasn’t mandatory – they could run anywhere on their own if they wanted. One of the 10k beginners came, but she said she was expecting to run on her own, so she did. That left me with Richelle’s half marathon group. I was sure they’d be leaving me behind, but sucked it up and gamely tagged along.

What do you know? I kept up quite nicely after all.

The group was to run 12 km, which I felt I could handle. I was fine with them in the first few km, although it was a little perkier than my usual LSD (Long Slow Distance) pace. At one point near the beginning I was actually near the front of the group when we turned around to loop back for some others.

This is the part where my pride and I took a wee fall. As Richelle gracefully completed her u-turn to head back I was smugly patting myself on the back for keeping up so well. I turned back too, but not gracefully at all. We were on a big frozen puddle at that point and while my upper body thought it would turn back, the lower portions just kept on going. I ended up sprawled like a baby Bambi for a second, until I hauled myself up and kept going.

After that I fell in with some friendly runners at the back and chatted about trail races for awhile. One of them was new to town and the move here plus the altitude was doing a number on her energy level. We turned back a little early and got back to the store with a very respectable 9 km in about 56 minutes.

I’ll be racing next weekend, but I look forward to more Tech Shop Saturday runs in between races.



  1. Didn’t I tell you…oh right, you are an adult…here’s a hug! Hope you are not black and blue! I am really proud of you, you know. Did you like my turkey story? XOXOXOXOXO


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