Posted by: Karen | February 5, 2008

Zamboni Speed

Tonight’s workout: 7 x 600m repeats indoors at the oval.

This was likely my last speed work indoors this season, as next week I start leading a 13 week Learn to Run class (outdoors), and will have to sneak faster running into the schedule differently than I’m used to.

The repeat stats suck because I left my watch at home. I did kind of keep track with the digital wall clock, which didn’t display seconds. My target range was 3:13-3:38, so I kind of accomplished it. Here’s what I wrote on our fearless leader’s handy chart by my name:
1.   3 ish
2.   About 3
3.   Close to 3
4.   3+
5.   3++
6.   Somewhere between 2 and 4
7.   Sub 4

The excel spread sheet’s gonna hate that.

On the track I sweated alongside rugby players, the ski conditioning class, and the speed walkers, amongst other running groups. There were a lot of shapes and sizes out there tonight. Sacha was back again this week, with a new recruit, Alisa. So cool to have some new Penguins coming out.

While I ran, I enjoyed watching speed skating kids racing on my left. They had the starter’s pistol out and were having a lot of fun learning to race.

The pole vaulting girls were out again tonight, too. For the last two months I’ve been watching them run around with poles, practicing carrying, running, planting, mini-launches onto the mat. Haven’t once seen any of them actually vault. After my last 600m run I paused to see if they would, but realized I had stopped, wheezing, right in front of the spin class. I decided to move along to the water fountain.

I finished up my work out alongside the zamboni. Apparently my cool-down speed is exactly the same as the Olympic Oval’s ice cleaner. It got ahead of me on the ends of the oval because it had tighter corners than I, but I kept up on the straight.



  1. :mrgreen: Those look like perfect 3:15s to me. :mrgreen:

  2. Hey, Zamboni speed sounds wonderful right about now. 🙂


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