Posted by: Karen | February 4, 2008

Try Something Else

To bring you up to date on the workouts, Thursday I did 3 more sets of stairs at the oval. One of our new runners was there with her new running shoes. I enjoyed showing her some shoe tying technique and imparted some running form suggestions.

This weekend my run escaped me, but I did get out to the mountains for a few hours of snowshoeing. There was plenty of very fresh, powdery snow, and it felt like I was hiking with big heavy pillows strapped to my feet. The snowshoes did not keep us entirely on top of the white stuff, but it was a lot of fun, and the scenery was enthralling.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again,
but expecting different results.”

About the new bike – it looks great in the basement, but I’ve only been on it once or twice. Not enough! I want to get my old bike seat from the mountain bike on it, but it’s been locked away in the shed outside.

Throughout January I kept saying to myself that non-run days would be bike days, but that didn’t work. I ended up doing housework and other things, putting it off until it was too late. To change that, this month I’m scheduling TIMES to bike. For instance, today I’ll get on immediately after work (since I’ve got a meeting at 7). and Wednesday I’ll get on at 7:30 (since there’s a meeting right after work). Friday I’ll be back on the bike immediately after work again. I don’t have a plan as to what I’ll actually do on the bike (suggestions welcome), but that will come. Thanks to Krista, the former bike owner, for asking how my bike training is going!

I will motivate myself to work the bike into my life. Reading about Holly and Nancy and Linae enJOYing getting out there, plus great comments from other tribloggers, and also the reminders that it doesn’t just start out naturally easy are good boosters for me. I also think I need to go back in my mind to when I really enjoyed being on the bike (the Sears 10-speed that was my “car” when I was 14-18) – ah… good times.

THIS month will be different. Hold me to it, peeps.



  1. Go go go Karen!! It will be well worth the effort!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Nancy!

    I just spent 25 minutes up on the bike. I didn’t pedal the whole time (30-45 second breaks here and there), and it was darned uncomfortable butt-wise, but Little Runner kept me amused with the Madagascar DVD.

    One ride down this week, 2 more to go 🙂

  3. I’ve been cozying up to a bike lately myself – but under duress of course. Hell, if *I* have to endure it, then so should everyone else!

    You DO have a comfy pair of bike shorts, right??


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