Posted by: Karen | January 30, 2008

Relative Craziness

My 15 y.o. son has frozen his sensible brain cells. Most of them, at least. He is wearing his winter boots and toque to wait at the bus stop to get to school this morning, but refused to wear his winter coat over his hoodie “because it’s ten degrees warmer than yesterday”

Yesterday it was -36C/-33F.

On that note, the winter just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t blog a sub -20C run, just for Canadian winter running bragging rights. Last night I parked in the usual spot just off the U of C campus and briskly jogged 5 minutes over to the Olympic Oval before stripping off several layers and doing 1 mile repeats on the indoor track. Then I layered up again (WITH my winter coat) and jogged back out to the car, in -30(ish)C/-22(ish)F weather. I’m not adding in the windchill factor, but there was a very slight breeze.

Yes, Mom, I covered my mouth and nose for the outside jogs. Well for the first minute or two.

The track assignment was for 4 x 1 mile repeats, quite a change from the 30/30s last week. We warmed up and cooled down for only 3 laps, and I only had time for 2 x 1 miles before having to cool down and pick up Soccer Boy (the one with the frozen brain cells) at 8:00. I did my miles in 9:04 (a smidge too fast) and 9:23 (an effort, but within my target range) . A third one in that range would have taken quite an effort.

Did I mention I ran stairs at the Oval last Thursday? I don’t think I blogged that. 3 sets, nothing spectacular, but I did run them ALL. I’ll be back there again this Thursday.



  1. I’m thankful you are using your head as well as your legs. Did my grandson survive?

  2. Hey Karen, just to prove that I *sob* LOVE winter running, I just got back from a 7 km run in -28 weather. I could not bear the thought of milling it again today!:lol:


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