Posted by: Karen | January 23, 2008

A Workout for the Attention Impaired

Last night the I ran 18 x 30/30’s indoors with the CRR 10k group at the Olympic Oval. After our usual, gentle, 1800m warm-up-and-chat-session, we set our watches to beep every 30 seconds and hit the track running hard… for 30 seconds at a time. We slowed to a slower, recovery jog for 30 seconds in between each sprint.

18 of anything is a lot for me to manage, so I just reset my chronometer on my watch to zero and remembered to start it before starting my 30 second timer. My watch has been doing strange things since we replaced the battery over Christmas, and at first I couldn’t get it to work for more than one 30 second interval at a time. Then it would only beep for 5 in a row and stop. No matter, as Liesbeth‘s timer was working well. She raised her hand and called out the sprints and jogs until I worked out an alternate timing method with my watch.

I love running short sprints. Here’s a sample of my internal conversation last night:
Free Me (FM): Wheeeee! Look how fast we can go!
Sensible Me (SM): Are you sure you can do this for 18 minutes?
FM: Only 30 seconds at a.. jog’s over. Wheeee!
SM: Hellooo! The jogs are getting hard. FM? Are you listening?
FM: Wheeee!
SM: You know, this pounding is gonna hurt later. WTF is with this watch?
FM: Wheee! (puff puff)
SM: (puff puff) Who sucked the oxygen out of here?
FM: (puff puff) Whee. (puff puff)
SM: Suck it up, F. 13 more to go. Sprint now!
FM: (gasp) who’s idea was this? (splutter)
SM: Jog’s over. 12 left. Run!
FM: (puff) watch (gasp) sucks (wheeze) lemons!
SM: “Only 30 seconds”, eh? 11 more. Go!

Jocelyn and I slowly lost Liesbeth somehow, and I only realized that J was still with me when she asked me how many more we had to do, about half way through the set. She didn’t have a watch, so had tucked herself in behind me like a shadow. I was constantly fiddling with my watch on the jogs, to reset the timer and not lose track. I think we might have done an extra minute or two, but J had no complaints. We walked a full lap after the 30/30’s before resuming a cool down jog.

Sacha, one of our new Penguins, came out again last night. She brought a friend, and they walked and ran around the track while Sacha passed on the track etiquette and basic starting suggestions we’ve covered recently. I’m going to have to give them to a starter’s program if they keep this up.

Jason, our fearless and very organized leader, gave us all printouts based on the tests we did last week. Very cool! It showed us goal paces for our upcoming speed workouts and possible race paces if we can build enough stamina with the workouts.

I’ll be back at the track Thursday for a few stairs, but not too many. I’ll be saving some climbing energy for Saturday’s XC race in Tuscany.



  1. Frozen solid time of year. Must be CROSS-COUNTRY season! 🙂

  2. So how did your race go today? I stayed home and read a book! XOXOXOX


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