Posted by: Karen | January 21, 2008

No Training Plan for 2008 Yet…

… but I seem to be moving right along without one. Yes, yes, I will work on it.

Tuesday night last week I did an “11 minute test” with the 10k group, except it wasn’t really to be exactly for 11 minutes. We were to run somewhere between 4-6 laps of the 450m track, whichever we could do in 11 minutes. I managed four laps in 9:55 and didn’t try for another lap – the pace in that last lap was dizzingly hard to keep up. This was a benchmark kind of test. The group will do the test again a few weeks later and we’ll see if we’ve improved.

After the test, the plan was to complete 4 x 400m repeats, but I only got one done before I had to cool down and go pick up Soccer Boy from practice. 50 minutes is just not long enough for me to do the whole workout, but at least I got some fast running in. Some is better than none.

Our newbie, Sacha, was there again, and we chatted briefly in between the 10k assignments. She walked some laps to warm up, then worked on running the straight sections of track. Every time I passed her I’d give her a “Go Sacha” and keep on going. We grinned as we encouraged each other.

Thursday I ran indoors again at the Oval, since there was no one to run with at Club Night downtown. I did a four lap warm up and three sets of stairs before cooling down with four more laps.

Sunday morning I made up for Thursday night’s dearth of running buddies by showing up at Dawn‘s local running store for their weekend group run. She led the learn-to-run group out on a jaunt around a nearby pond, and I hooked up with the 10k group for a 6k run out to Nose Creek Park and back. Our route was almost entirely covered in a few inches of sugary snow, so I was glad I wore my Yaktrax. I started out in the middle of the group, and finished with the front pacers – a different experience for me!

It was a cold morning, and our faces got all frosty. Even the women had white whiskers. Dawn took a picture of my face frost before it all melted.

It’s Dawn‘s birthday on Thursday and *jeanne*‘s birthday Tuesday. Go drop by their blogs with some happy wishes!



  1. No training plans here yet either. At least you are being diligent about the track. I like that 11-minute reality check.

  2. Hey Karen
    You could look at it another way and say you don’t have any plans to _increase_ your mileage, but you plan on maintaining 20k /week or 100k/month or something. I think you probably have some unstated maintenance goals. You also have the new bike and a goal race, so you’ve got something. And you’re leading a running group! You probably don’t need to add more than that.

  3. Yay, Karen! You’re doing great with your group!

    Honestly, I don’t know how y’all run in that cold. I’ve become quite the weenie 😀


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