Posted by: Karen | January 17, 2008

Tonight Is Still Club Night

Yes, there is white stuff covering the ground and the cold wind is blowing it everywhere. Suck it up, folks. It’s January. and I’m still going to run outside for Club Night.

Coming? Need a ride?



  1. Hmph. I WENT to Club Night. After making arrangements for someone else to ferry Ninjutsu boy, after scrambling to make dinner for the family after work, after finding all my winter gear and packing a bag of dry clothes to change into, after making it to the meeting place at 6:31, I met nobody. Waited until 6:45, nobody.

    😦 Stupid to drive all that way to run alone on Club Night. No fun having a post-run beer by myself. So I drove to the Oval, waved to folks I knew, and ran stairs.

  2. Well that sucks. I had my Chiro Appt otherwise I’d have been there with you.

  3. You continue to amazing me..although I think I would not have as big a problem with snow, as the rain, I just don’t like being wet….


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