Posted by: Karen | January 15, 2008

Catching Up and Club Night

We had beautiful, sunny weather for the Nose Creek cross country race on Saturday. Dawn did a great job of organizing it and we all pitched in. Her daughter, Carrie and I helped set up the tables and chairs at the hall with the Taerums and Karin. I also got to be the “rabbit” for the kid’s 1k race, which (joy!) involved running down a hill (whee!) and then coming back up. It was a nice warm up. Little Runner ran the kid’s race and stuck around the finish line the rest of the time. Soccer Boy was a course marshal and enjoyed taking pictures of all the runners as they came by.

The course itself was very brown, with hardly any ice at all. Even though I didn’t push my pace, it was still a good workout, with over an hour of running and walking. My inactivity over Christmas and that cold at New Year’s must have taken more out of me than I thought.

After we got home and cleaned up, took a short nap and then we all headed out to a housewarming party. There was a karaoke machine and we got carried away making noise most of the evening.  Sunday I caught up on housework, baked some bread, edited photos from Saturday (I’ll post some later), and then headed out to another party, at Sander and Liesbeth‘s house.

It was a busy weekend.

Last night I cooked a good dinner for us all and even made it onto the bike in the basement later in the evening. I didn’t spend a lot of time working out; it was more of an orientation for myself. I played around with gear shifting, and learned how to clip in and out of the pedals with the special shoes. I think the seat is at just the right height, but it’s going to take some time to get comfortable on it. I might swap it with the seat from Olga, my old mountain bike, and see how that feels.

Tonight I’ll be running around inside at the Olympic Oval. Thursday I’m hoping to show up at the Calgary Roadrunners Club Night, as I wasn’t able to attend much in the fall, and won’t be able to again for the next few months.



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