Posted by: Karen | January 12, 2008

Club Series

Club race series are very motivating – when you know you have an 8k race coming up every 2-3 weeks, you train.

I’m normally stingy with my race fees, but the Grand Prix series in which I run charges a mere $7/race for members. They provide the course, volunteers, timing, community hall and soup. We bring the fun, our soup bowls and a pan of brownies to share.

After I’d tried out half the series (and I did the 4k option for 2 of those) back in 00/01, a friend challenged me to do “All the Eights” in 01/02. So I did. I’ve been hooked on them ever since.

Today will be my 28th Grand Prix race in a row. Dawn the Pink Chick is directing this one, and our families are volunteering in various capacities.

I get to be the “course sweeper”, which means I have to run last and tell the volunteers when it’s time to pull up their flags and come in. This isn’t a difficult task for me – last race I gave it my all and was second last anyway.Here’s what I’m bringing for dessert:

Rocky Road Brownies



  1. I am so proud of you, my own dear sweet penguin! Enjoy every minute of being last. That means you get more time to smell the roses along the way, or something. And think of all those that come in ahead of you. Bet you make them feel special too!!! Not that you won’t have to work and do your best, but be sure to have fun along the way. Laughter is good medicine, don’t you know. Are you going to wear your new hat? Maybe you need a grisleyskin coat to match! Ha, ha, ha……. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Thanks again for all your help and for chaufering around my family. You rock!

  3. I’ll come be last with you if I can eat all those brownies/cookies…ymm


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