Posted by: Karen | January 9, 2008

Thing One and Thing Two

Sorry to disappoint Linda and Anne, but I’m not pregnant. I do have a new baby bike!

Fuji Finest Blue

Surprise! One of my former running buddies sold me her very gently used tri-bike. She was very happy to clean out her garage, and I was equally as delighted to hand my Christmas bonus over to her. She’s about my size, so the fit of the bike and even the shoes seem to fit well. I’ve got it set up on a wind trainer in the basement in the t.v. room, and am looking forward to learning something new.

You know what this means; yes, I’m hoping to try a triathlon this year. I’m thinking maybe the Strathmore Women’s Sprint Tri, as I’ve heard very good things about it. I’m pretty sure I can swim the distance required, which means I’ll have to get in the pool as well, but for now, the bike.

The bike was surprise number one. Surprise number two is that I’ve agreed to be a leader with the Tech Shop North’s Learn to Run Clinic, which starts February 18th and leads up to the Mother’s Day 10k (My raceversary. Woohoo!). This means I’ll be taking a 12 week break from the Roadrunners group for the spring. A very good thing about the timing of this clinic is that it is mostly between my kids’ indoor and outdoor soccer seasons. Also, I often find myself in a motivational slump in March and April so this will help me get out the door.

One of my other running goals for the year is to challenge my 10k PR once again. Leading the LTR group will not include speed work, so I’m going to have to figure out a way work that in separately. You know, between bike rides and soccer seasons…



  1. She’s beautiful! :mrgreen:

  2. Woooo, she is indeed a beauty!!!! Go go go!

  3. I guess a bike is as good as a baby with this news :-).


  4. That doesn’t look like a baby to me….. looks like a BABE!!! I love it!!
    And congratulations on leading the running clinic! You’re scoring EVERYWHERE!!!

  5. Sweet – you’re becoming a tri-girl! Enjoy the bike (it looks great), and the triathlon training.

  6. NICE!!!!

  7. w00t-a-saurus! that is EXCITING news! once you get a hang of the sport, i think you’ll enjoy triathlon as much as trail running. it’s completely different, but the experience is a hoot!


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