Posted by: Karen | January 9, 2008

Not Telling Yet

Did I mention in that last post that I had a surprise for you? Well, I’m not telling yet. Mostly because I have a lot to do today, and the surprise isn’t ready to blog. I’ve actually got two surprises for you, and they’re related to my goals for this year, but you’ll have to wait some more.

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about my run with the Roadrunners at the Olympic Oval last night. It was nice to see many of the regulars back with the 10k group, and we even had a few new runners show up. While everyone else started out on their four-lap warm up jog, Sasha and I did a couple of laps of brisk walking while she told me about her fitness background and plans. I gave a brief overview of the track rules, markings, and some social and physiological pointers for starting out. Annie and her friend joined us a couple of laps in, and we began running the straight portions of the track and walking the curves.

Once the new folks were set in motion, I picked up my pace. The 10k group’s assignment for the night was to do 5? 6? x 800m repeats. I chose not to settle in for the whole workout (just didn’t feel focused) but I did one 800m with Meaghan, another one with Liesbeth, and a 400m at tempo pace (not really pushing it) on my own before cooling down.



  1. You’re not pregnant are you??:)

  2. The Government of Me requires you to reveal your secrets immediately or face prosecution under the “I wanna know NOW! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!” law, section 8, paragraph 8. MY goals (other than eating and sleeping and more or less staying alive) are: The ING marathon this August in Edmonton.

  3. Twins?!

  4. LOL! You’re killing me with laughter! I am not, nor ever again intend to be, pregnant. I did enjoy my pregnancies (births were another matter), but I am not going there again.

    Hang on…


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