Posted by: Karen | December 19, 2007

Light Hearts Light Feet Light Run

Last night some of my Calgary Roadrunners buddies and some other joyous souls met at the U of C for a Christmas Light Run. I arrived barely in time to head out with the group; just in time to hear Dave repeat the instructions one last time. We would run down to the Foothills Hospital, around Toronto Crescent (I think), across Crowchild on a bridge, up and over 16th Street (just a wee hill and then up & over a pedestrian bridge), over to the 14th St. Confederation Park lights, and then back up to the University. I had no idea how far this was. I didn’t care. We were together, in a very festive mood, and apparently there were to be caroling stops along the way.

We started by singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” for Gabino‘s camera just outside the building, and then took off running. The fast runners ran mercifully slowly and when they couldn’t hold back they waited for us at key points. We back of the packers didn’t have much trouble keeping up.

One of the first stops was on Toronto Crescent, where there was a beautifully decorated house overlooking the ridge. We paid tribute to its beauty by singing Jingle Bells, and it was then that I realized… we were not a singing group. We were a running group with a singing problem.

We stopped and sang at a few other houses along the route. I could barely catch my breath and the group would start singing. Most of us didn’t know the words after the opening lines, and it was always funny to hear us fizzle into la la la’s as the songs went on. Nobody actually came out of the houses to acknowledge us, but nobody told us to shut up, either, so it was all good.

It took us a long time, about an hour, to get to the beautifully lit Confederation Park, where we once again sang like drunken sailors for Gabino’s camera. Apparently, our “practice” along the way had not done much good. We were not very organized, but it didn’t matter.

Eventually we headed back to our meeting point, and said good bye and Merry Christmas to friends who had to leave early. We ended up running for about 90 minutes, long for me, but we had those singing/laughing stops along the way. The plan was to head over to Moose McGuire’s pub afterwards for refreshments, but I headed over to the mall to rescue Soccer Boy from his Christmas shopping.

It was a fun night, but next year I’m lobbying for a shorter route.



  1. Hilarious! Drunken sailors! As a group y’all were pretty funny. I wish I would have paid attention to the instructions and I could have caught all the warbling. 🙂

  2. Hi Karen,
    I still have to write something on our blog about how terrific yesterday evening was, but you beat me to it: you ‘ve already described it very well. The lights were better than I had anticipated before hand, really worth the run. At Moose’s we had a good time too, sorry you could not make it. They are out of nacho’s for the rest of the week now.
    By the way, nice running site you have, lots of cool pictures.

    Merry Christmas, see you next year!

  3. Those are my kind of group runs. I seem to be reading more and more about Christmas light tours on quick-moving feet. Glad a good time was had by all.


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