Posted by: Karen | December 13, 2007

Happy Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia Buns

Last night Little Runner and I made special buns and this morning she woke Soccer Boy and Hubby up with a plate of buns and a travel mug of tea, while I carried the flashlight. Traditionally she’s also to wear a wreath of lit candles, but the flashlight worked nicely. We’re supposed to sing a song, too, but I don’t remember much of it, so we played a Youtube version of it that I found on Mama Lisa’s World Blog.

I like this tradition, so we’ve been doing it on the years I remember, ever since Little Runner was big enough to carry a plate.



  1. those are so pretty!

  2. Remember the first time?

  3. I sang “Santa Lucia” in a Christmas show I did in Pennsylvania in 1991 (I think it was 1991. Jeez – time does FLY). It was in the “Christmas around the world” segment of the show & it was about Sweden & their traditions, but I sang the song in Italian. Odd, eh? But, I’m glad I didn’t have to learn Swedish lyrics. I had enough trouble with the Italian ones!


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