Posted by: Karen | December 11, 2007

ORNs and a Track Meet

Obligatory Running Notes:

Thursday: I told you about the interview with the training questions, but forgot to tell you about the running part. I sandwiched 3 full sets of stairs (including all the emergency stairwells) in between 4 solid laps each for warm-up and cool-down. I was rewarded with very little stiffness on the weekend, thank goodness.

Saturday: No running for me, but I did drop by the Dinos Opener Indoor Track Meet at the U of C. I took Little Runner along to absorb the atmosphere and we took in about an hour’s worth of the 60m races. Little Runner didn’t like the noisy starter’s pistol, but we did enjoy watching nearer the finish line instead. It was very different from our XCs and the usual 5/10k fun run atmosphere. I was particularly fascinated by the pre-race routines of the racers, how they kept loosened up, how they set themselves up in the blocks, etc.

Sunday: I got my rear out the door for my favourite, hilly, multi-neighbourhood, doggy-park trail jaunt. I only discovered this route last spring, so I’ve never tried it in the winter. I’m still discovering little loops through treed areas I didn’t know about before. The cool part about running these trails in the winter is that without all the leaves on the trees it’s easier to spot some previously-obscured paths. In some parts of one valley it’s actually easier to read the trail terrain, without long grasses covering up the bumps.

We’ve had some snow lately, so it is very Christmasy and wintery looking out there. The snow conveniently fills up some of the deeper crevices and smooths out some bumps, while making the ground a little slipperier in other places. It’s all good. I was out for over an hour, though I’m not sure of the exact time. I’m not very focused on numbers at all lately, and I’m kind of enjoying it.



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