Posted by: Karen | December 11, 2007

Not 2008 Yet

Everywhere (Facebook buddies, Blogland, Penguins, etc.) I read about athletes setting their 2008 goals and I’m just not in that frame of mind yet. I haven’t set my heart or mind on any one race or distance or personal record to smash. I’ve toyed with a few, but I’m really still in limbo.

I don’t have to choose yet if I don’t want to.

I understand that if I’m to accomplish any amazing self-improvement goals I should have some nice big goals for motivation. That’s what motivates EVERYONE, right? I’m not sure about that. Last summer I had a big 29k Moose Mountain haunting/tempting me, and it didn’t work. I didn’t get myself out for the long runs.

There’s something to be said for living/training in the moment and just enjoying the workouts as they come. I’ve enjoyed making short term goals (that still require effort) that could possibly lead up to a big race if successful, but not just “work to get through”.

Tonight’s short term goal is a lap-ladder of speedwork at the Oval; 1,2,3,2,1 laps of just over 400m/lap. This week’s short term goal is to refrain from doing stairs, so my calves are fresh for the Silver Springs XC on Saturday. Saturday my goal is to smoke the 8k without falling into the river.

Maybe sometime over Christmas I’ll dig a little deeper for some 2008 goals, and work out some fun, self-motivational ways to accomplish them.



  1. Ah, the smug complacency of the people who have already run a marathon and reached their goals!

    Just kidding. I prefer thinking about 2008 goals than thinkiing about the looming Christmas and my work deadlines. I’d rather daydream about a quick 10k or a sub 4 hour marathon….

  2. This post really resonates with me. I’m like you — preferring to continue running in the moment instead of focusing on a big race or personal goal in the coming year. I think different things motivate, and some people just aren’t propelled through training for a “prize” as much as others.

  3. My present running mode is decidedly an escape from life’s demands, not an obligation to a future goal.

    Maybe if I break it down into tiny, achievable steps (this hill, this block, this corner, this step, this breath), I don’t have to feel disappointed in whether I reach that big goal or not. I just know I’ve done my best all along the way.

    Of course, if there’s no plan or map for those steps, eventually I’ll have done my best going nowhere, so I will have to balance it out eventually with a goal or two. Just maybe AFTER Christmas.


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