Posted by: Karen | December 5, 2007

Vote for Nancy

No need to be subtle, here. Nancy‘s been one of my cyber running buddies and a role model to me since the turn of the century, even before she started her blog. Now she’s been nominated for Team RaceAthlete’s best blog of the year and I’m so excited for her! Go show your support by voting for her right now. I’ll still be here when you return.

If you happen to have another computer, or feel like clearing out your cookies so you can vote again, I’d also recommend a vote for Donald at Running and Rambling, too (don’t tell Nancy I said that). He always has the coolest running and triathlon analogies.

ORN: I didn’t get the whole workout assignment in the time allotted last night, but at least I wasn’t late picking up Soccer Boy this time. There were 4 x 1000m repeats on the schedule, and since we weren’t allowed on the track until 7pm, it made for a time crunch, with warm up and cool down included. I finished the warm up and 3 of the 1000m intervals, but had to head back out across campus to the car without even cooling down.

Ah well, at least I ran, and it felt good. The calves finally forgave me for last week’s stairs and Okotoks’ hills. Good thing, because we’re doing stairs again tomorrow. (shhh, don’t tell the calves!)



  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, then … thanks for the plug! This whole thing is kind of baffling to me – there are so many blogs I like, it’s hard to narrow down the field. We’ll see what happens.


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