Posted by: Karen | November 30, 2007


I have to admit, running indoors at the Oval makes me feel so elite. Just breathing the same air and sweating over the same surface as all those other fit-lookin’ folks is darned inspiring. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I pay $3 to train there instead of getting out in the freezing fresh air.

Last night Dave and Carla and I did the equivalent of four hills together on the cement bleachers surrounding the speed skating oval. They warmed up on the track. I was late, so counted my km from the car (I parked for free off campus) as my warm-up. I can’t remember how many stairs there are on those bleachers; felt like hundreds! We took a short break after each round to sip water.

When I run hills, I feel it in the back of my legs. Calves, hamstrings, gluteus regions. Last night on the stairs it was my quads and belly that felt like they were doing all the work.

Karin stuck to flat laps, having just returned from palm-tree-land. Ernie did at least 5 hills (maybe more?) and lapped us at least twice. I think we saw Neil Runions doing laps in there, too. I wonder what he’s training for this year? At the end, I thanked Carla and Dave for dragging my butt along with them, and they thanked me for pushing them from behind.



  1. Update: The calves complained loudly yesterday – apparently they were doing more of the work than I thought! They’re still in tight knots like rocks this morning. I guess the Okotoks race will work it all out today, eh?


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