Posted by: Karen | November 25, 2007

Cold Hills and Hot Compensations

Thursday the running schedule said hills. I knew most of the group was planning on doing the stairs inside the Oval, but I was still in outdoors mode. I lured a couple of the guys out with me by suggesting we stop by the Tim Horton’s at the top of the hill for a post-hill hot chocolate and maybe a cookie.

Of course, this meant I actually had to haul my butt up the hill four full times – no caving at three this week. I always try a little harder when I have company, and the steaming hot cup of chocolate was SO worth it.

Today I got in a long urban trail hike/run. Although I did run some, the momentum never materialized and I ended up walking over hill after hill. I did run down some irrisistible stretches, but just made do on the rest. I forgot my watch somewhere, and I didn’t check the time when I left or returned, so I’m not sure how long I was out there. It was probably between 90 – 120 minutes or so, judging by what it usually takes me to do those hills, and my pace.

I didn’t HAVE to run it. There’s no big race looming over me. It wasn’t even joyful, like the trails often are for me. I carried some heavy thoughts and it was more inner therapy than outer training. At one point I walked through a fairy ring of trees and wondered if I would be transported back in time, Outlander style.

There was a chilly headwind on the way back, but even that couldn’t spur me into a continuous warm up jog. I just put my mittens back on and hiked along, with the occasional trot once in a while, to test my stubborn inertia.

A most awesome thing happened when I returned – Hubby was making tomato soup and a gooey grilled cheddar cheese sandwich for Little Runner, and there was just enough for me, too. I added a previously boiled egg to my plate and it was the best lunch ever! I wasn’t hungry for hours and hours after that.

This Tuesday I think I’m going to have bring some money and run inside with the others. The weather’s supposed to get nasty, and I don’t want to have to face it alone.



  1. I really do envy you the oval and the company that comes with it. I’m finding it harder to run and someone puching me would sure help:sad:

  2. The weather does look like it will be nasty on Tuesday for sure. I haven’t decided whether to brave the elements or not, so could you please send me details on running the oval, like where to park and how much it costs? Thanks so much!

    I’ll keep you up to date on my plans/thoughts for the Frozen 50. After my 17 miler yesterday I’m back to thinking I’m completely insane and nearly doubling that distance seems pretty daunting…


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