Posted by: Karen | November 17, 2007

Don’t Waste the Gravity

Dawn and I will be running on the Moose Mountain Telephone Loop 10 mile trail today (probably not doing the whole loop). I will be dedicating the first 5.5 miles (9k) of my run to Ryan, some of it to Dorothy, and if any of that makes the force of gravity seem too strong, I will recall the joy I felt when I saw this photo yesterday.

I’ve had quite a week personally, but on the life and death scale, it’s not much of a blip. I won’t be focusing on Ryan or Dorothy or Wyatt the entire run, because trails demand their own attention, and today I just need to BE.

Inukshuk says *I was HERE*

All those ups and downs, rocks and roots, views and trees, leaves and snow and DIRT will keep me connected to the here and now. I will get hot and sweaty from my efforts, and sometimes go almost numb in some places, just trying to keep breathing, climbing, breathing, climbing… Prickles will scrape my legs and wake up my skin, satisfyingly scratch itches I didn’t know I had. Breezes will make my face and fingers tingle. Slippery paths will hyperextend my invisible inner balancing pole, and crank my adrenaline level up to heady heights. Cold icy puddles will cool my feet; sometimes shock them into squishy exclamatory sensation.

At work, at home raising my kids, with my husband, with my family and friends, there are ups and downs, fears and irritations and joys and cuddles. Here there are more balancing acts, thistles, puddles, views and breezes. I might not know the whys, my true purpose(s), but I can pay attention and think and feel, and maybe someday what I’ve done and learned will be a good addition to the cosmos.



  1. there are so many days I have to remember to just focus on the moment. Sometimes because of the kids, sometimes because of life, and sometimes because we focus on other’s tragedies and realize how damn lucky we are to have this moment to focus on….thanks


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