Posted by: Karen | November 9, 2007

Local Ryan Shay Memorial Run

I’m passing on an e-mail, received from another local runner, about a local tribute to Ryan Shay, the marathoner who died last week in New York. I don’t know Malindi (author of the e-mail), or Ryan or his wife, but I wish my condolences to all who are connected to them.

Hi All,

As I am sure most of you have heard, a 28 year old elite marathoner passed away last week at the US Men’s Olympic Marathon Trials in NYC. As runners, I am sure this hits particularly close to home – he was out trying to achieve his dreams and doing what he loved most in the world when he was struck down by a massive heart attack.

I knew Ryan and he actually helped me with a couple workouts earlier this Spring when I was in Palo Alto. His wife, Alicia, is a good friend of mine and a former Stanford team mate. They were married three months ago and were both training for the Bejing Olympics. Since his death last weekend I have been trying to think of something to do/ to help – not that anything can be much of a consolation during these tragic circumstances. However, my thoughts keep drifting back to some way to help Alicia…as a full time runner she does not have carding (American) and lost her sponsorship last year when she quit running…but thanks for Ryan’s support she had re-newed her love and passion for running and was excited about training and racing again at next year’s Olympic trials. As such, a few friends from Stanford and I are trying to help out financially while she gets back on her feet. We are hoping that she can still pursue her Olympic dreams when she is ready and not be totally limited by lack of finances…as Ryan was the “bread winner” if you will.

What I was thinking of is holding a large group Memorial Run Monday at 10 am at the Weaslehead. Although any small contribution to be sent to her directly is appreciated, this run is more than just about fund raising. It is also an opportunity to get together and run in Memory of Ryan and any other special person in your life that you have lost. As a holiday for Rememberance Day, it is also an opportunity to remember all the people who have served (and continue to serve) our country to make it the mostly wonderful place we enjoy today.


When: 10 am
Where: At the parking lots at the North end of the Weaslehead off 37th St and 66th Ave.
Who: Anyone – spread the word, bring your dogs, kids, friends and walk or run
Why: To have our own little runner’s Rememberance Day Event

And for all you CIS kids…for one less celebratory beer you can help a fellow runner out and make sure you feel well enough to join us in the morning 🙂

Go Dinos – good luck at CIS!


Editor’s Addition:  There is also another way to Support Ryan and Alicia, if you can’t make it to the local Monday run. Jeff, one of my Californian bloggy buddies is organizing a virtual hometown run in support and memory, on Saturday, November 17.



  1. I’ll be out doing my share. Sure makes a person sit up and take notice. Sad too.

  2. Unfortunately I just saw your post and it is 10:20….and well I’m at work anyways… I’ve read about the virutal 5.5 mile run on Saturday, and I’ll be sure to dedicate that portion of my 6 mile run on Saturday to Ryan’s memory.

    Good job on your XC race by the way!!


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