Posted by: Karen | November 4, 2007

Trailing and Cheering

Yesterday one of my favourite triathletes, Linae, completed her first Ironman. I signed on to the ironmanlive website as soon as I woke up, and tracked her all day long. I didn’t stay with the computer all day, but I checked back frequently to see how she was doing. I kept the live streaming video screen going on my computer, with her checkpoint results open in another window.

Shortly after she headed out on her marathon distance run, I headed out the door for an hour on my favourite trails. I took Linae and all those ironpeople out with me. When I needed my cadence to be strong and even, I called up images of the racers approaching the finish line.

I savoured the dry, snow-free dirt paths of one of my favourite trail routes and wondered how many more times I will get to run there before the route is all iced and snowed over. The weather was perfect; 8*C, 46*F.

Up, down, up again
Dirt, trees, roots, grasses
On top, see forever
Fresh air, happinesses

After a shower and dinner I settled in with a glass of wine and watched racers finish while I waited for Linae. By this time there were all kinds of racers finishing. So many parents crossing with their kids; people crossing with loved ones and kissing them; exhausted, happy people and some just plain exhausted.

I saw Joe, Linae’s husband, working the finish line as a “catcher”. Every racer who crosses the line at an ironman race is assigned a volunteer to escort them from the finish line and make sure they are alright.

Linae finished well ahead of the possible goal time mentioned on her blog. It was over in a few seconds for us watching at home. Someone Linae’s height, wearing her trisuit, with her body shape and head shape and a huge smile approached the finish line, victoriously crossed, and was whisked away. Was that her?

Within seconds, the tracking site confirmed it was indeed Linae. Woohoo! It was so fun watching the finish line that I kept the video streaming until the race finished. What a happy place it was!



  1. Great! I’m back by the way. At the library anyway. And healthy finally too! Hope you are too!!! XOXOX

  2. isn’t technology crazy? to be able to watch that on line?

  3. “happinesses” – I love words like this.
    Make the language do what you need it to do…that’s what language is all about, eh?


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