Posted by: Karen | November 4, 2007

November Already

Where did October go? It went by so fast, I forgot to celebrate my third blogiversary.

Tuesday this week I showed up with a few Roadrunners to run outside from the winter meeting place at the entrance to the Olympic Oval. Some runners opted to run inside on the track and five of us headed outside to run “Bruce’s Loop”. The ground was dry and the temperature was still above freezing. I really didn’t see why I should pay $3 to run indoors yet.

Bruce’s Loop is less than a mile away from the Oval, and is about a mile long. We all jogged and chatted together to the start of the loop near the Children’s Hospital, and then stretched out into our various paces. The faster ones waited for the slower ones to finish the loop before doing their next loop. I was the slowest, but was not allowed to feel bad about it, as the faster ones cheered me in at the end of every loop. We did 3 loops and cooled down on the way back to the meeting place.

Thursday I met up with them yet again, kind of. I was a little late after dropping off Ninjutsu Boy, but parked near the University and jogged up towards the meeting point to see if I could meet the group as they came out. There was a bunch of fenced-off construction in my way, so I just turned around and headed down to hospital hill, where I knew they’d end up anyway.

It turned out there were just two Roadrunners willing to do hills outside. There were four hills on the plan, so that’s what we did. Last week five of the same hills did not feel as hard to me as those four did this week. Sometimes runs feel good, sometimes they are more challenging.

It was a crazy week outside of running. I was the mom-taxi for soccer three nights in a row, and then Wednesday was Halloween, which meant taking the boy to a party and following the girl around trick or treating in between. This week will be a little less hectic, thank goodness.



  1. By the way, we woke up to snow today! Sunday am. Just thought you would like to know.


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