Posted by: Karen | October 29, 2007

My Desk is Still a Mess

I got a TON of stuff done this weekend. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish when I’m avoiding paperwork and don’t have any races to distract me. I bought groceries, baked bread, cleaned bathrooms, paid bills, did laundry, took in Little Runner’s glasses for repair, dropped off my new blazer to be tailored, took Soccer Boy to his practice, all kinds of stuff.

Saturday night I attended the Calgary Roadrunners AGM, and am now on the executive as a “Member at Large” I’m not sure exactly how big I need to be in this role, but we’ll figure that out later. I’ve also become the new race director for the Robert Hamilton Memorial Race. You know how it is, if you want something done, ask a busy person…

Sunday I dressed to run, but made the mistake of checking in to see how Nancy, Holly and Shawn were doing in the Marine Corps Marathon. I became hypnotically drawn to the very cool online chip tracking system and cheered them from afar most of the morning.

Somehow I forgot to write my Confederation Park XC race report. He-e-ey… I like writing race reports. How did I miss that? I missed my weekend run, too. Got so busy it just got squeezed out of the weekend.

I did run earlier in the week. Tuesday night Hubby had to work late, so Little Runner came with me to Soccer Boy’s practice. She played on the playground while I ran loops around the school yard until it was too dark to see the ground.

Thursday night I dropped off the Boy at Ninjutsu and ran hospital hill five times (ups took me about 4 minutes) in near-freezing, very fresh air. Wearing my fuzzy new pink mittens made it a little easier.

This week I’ll be back with the Roadrunners both Tuesday and Thursday. Note that our meeting location and time has now changed to the Olympic Oval entrance at the U of C, at 6:45, to be ready to run at 7 pm. We’ll still run outside, as long as it’s not too icy out. As it will be dark, we won’t be doing the same kind of speed work as we were along the river. If you’d like to come but don’t want to pay for parking, (like me), leave me a comment and I’ll e-mail you back with a couple of options. 



  1. Thanks for the good vibes you sent us!

  2. Race Director for RHM and a member-at-large! Well, congratulations to you!!

    Thanks for posting the time and place change about CRR runs, too. After the Last Chance Half I’ll likely try to come and join you again. For now… it’s the last taper of 07! Woo hoo!

  3. Hi from CA via blackberry…lol

    Hot and having fun. No running but been swimming.


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