Posted by: Karen | October 21, 2007

Weekend Teasers

New Nose Creek Course - 1st Downhill Thursday night I didn’t run, but still showed up at Club Night after everybody else’s run, for a beer and a burger. Excuses coming later.

Saturday (yesterday) I walked a new race route twice with Dawn, but it wasn’t race day. More photos on my flickr page.

REAL Runners Wear PINKYeah! 

I have a race report inside me from today’s 3 x 4k cross country, but it’s not written yet.

For now we’ll just say that we had FUN (as always), and I think I set a personal best.



  1. The thumbnail shot of you is awesome. You look like you’re havin’ fun. You really should wear pink more often. 😆

  2. I agree. You make a lovely trio-in-pink.

  3. […] I chatted with Dawn, Carrie, and Nikayla about their race strategies. The plan was for Nikayla (she’s six) to run with me for the first loop, and then I would peel off at the top for a second loop, leaving her to finish on her own. Nikayla ran pretty close to my time at Confederation Park, so we figured we’d be good together. […]


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