Posted by: Karen | October 17, 2007

I Ran Away With Dawn’s Husband

Darren & DawnWe didn’t run away very far, eh. Dawn and Darren met up with the 10k group again this week, and Darren did 8 x 2 minute repeats at my speed just behind the rest of the group. Welcome to Natasha and Jill, who joined us for the first time last night, too.

We only rested one minute in between each repeat, so the workout went by pretty quickly. Well, the resting parts did. Repeat number seven flew by like nothing, but numbers 5, 6 & 8 took forever. Was it Einstein that mentioned that time is relative?

In other news, yesterday my husband started his first ever blog. Pop over and give him a welcome to blogland. If you know of anyone else who keeps a homemade wine or beer making blog (or a directory of such blogs), he’s interested in making friends and linking up.

CRR Club Night is tomorrow (Thursday). I encourage you to head over and chat up some runners you don’t normally get to see. I, unfortunately won’t be there – I’ll be keeping my nose to the ol’ grind stone.


  1. Thanks for giving him back…lol.

  2. I love your husband’s new blog…almost as much as I love wine. Amazing pictures that really make a difference.

  3. loved the title … sigh .. thought we were in for a rumour mill:razz:

    uh repeats.. the workouts you love to hate… feel so good when it stops hurting 🙂
    happy trails all
    gp in montana

  4. Dawn is such a generous soul, eh, to let you run away with her husband like that? Glad you had fun!


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