Posted by: Karen | October 12, 2007

Hills with the Guys

I don’t normally get to run with the 10k group on Thursdays, but this week the planets aligned and a scheduling wormhole landed me at the meeting place promptly on time. I’d even had a decent, light supper already, which my husband cooked for me.

(I know! Am I blessed or what!)

Three of the faster/intermediate speed guys also showed up, and we ran a fairly new route up past the new Children’s Hospital, by the University, and then down hospital hill where I did repeats last week. The guys stayed with me the whole way and I tried not to slow them down too much.

We chatted about healthcare, high-speed trains, political comedy, frugality, how the 10k group really needs to recruit more members, the recent Harvest Half and Waldorf races, and how one should avoid showering with soap immediately after suffering severe chafing from competing in both events in one day.

I playfully shooped through ankle-deep crunchy leaves in the gutter and we laughed about what would happen if I suddenly disappeared down a hidden hole. Someone told a couple of dutch/scottish jokes and someone else promised to counter with more good ones the next week.

According to the Garmin we covered 7.7 km with a couple of steep hills in 53 minutes. I gleefully sprinted down hospital hill with total abandon in the last third of the run. It was a challenge for me to maintain the pace on the last flat mile or so after that, but it was worth it.



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