Posted by: Karen | October 8, 2007

An Autumn Run in the Country

Saturday morning I packed up my parents’ grandkids and drove north for a few hours so we could all be together for Thanksgiving. We ate turkey dinner on Saturday, which really makes more sense than having it today. That way we could pick at the leftovers the rest of the weekend and the offspring and I could have a leisurely drive home this afternoon. We got to hug various relatives on our trip. The weather was warm and so were the welcomes.

I headed out of the house late Sunday morning to run on the gravel route I’d taken a couple of times this summer. There was a steady wind and the air was fresh, but it was still sunny out and fairly warm for central Alberta this time of year. A canola field that had nearly blinded me with its lemony yellow flowers in July was now all harvested, and the remaining cut straw left it looking like a platinum blonde with spiked short hair, who needed her roots done.

Halfway through the run (about 32 minutes) I thought I might run all the way up the big hill leading north up out of the valley I’d just run into from the south. About 2/3 of the way up the hill I was sucking wind big time and picked a sign post close to the crest as a goal before I would walk. I did run up to the sign and as I turned back to read it, it said I’d run 1 km uphill. That took some of the sting out of walking the remaining 4 minutes to the top. I’d run up for 9 minutes, walked up some more another 4, and then came the fun part; Wheeeeeee down! It only took me 8 minutes to run back down.

Of course, then I had to run back up the south side of the valley and back home again. I walked more on the way back than I’d planned, but I didn’t feel bad about it. It was a gorgeous day and I wasn’t just out there for purely physical enrichment. I enjoyed the fresh air and eventually I hummed some little ditties to break myself out of the walking inertia.



  1. autumn runs are my favorite….


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