Posted by: Karen | September 30, 2007

Tuesday with the CRR 10k’ers

Our September schedule is always darn busy, but I did manage to run every Tuesday this month with the CRR 10k group. This last Tuesday Lisbet and I ran together for several 2 minute tempo repeats. I’m not sure how many; Lisbet kept the watch and I just relaxed and ran. We didn’t do them quite as fast as 400m repeats, as I was still mostly able to converse, but we kept a fairly brisk pace all the same.

We met Sarah coming back from her run on the same path – she’d missed us at the beginning, but hopefully she’ll find us more easily next time she comes out. She joined us for a couple of our repeats, but as she was tapering for the Harvest Half this weekend, she headed back a little early. Great job on your race, Sarah, woohoo!

Pink Birthday CakeI haven’t done much running this last couple of weeks in between the Tuesday nights. This week I got to bake a pink birthday cake anPretty Little Fingersd entertained Little Runner’s friends with a “home spa night”.

I hope to return to running more frequently, as now the family birthdays have been celebrated, indoor soccer tryouts and initial team bonding events are behind us and we settle into more predictable school and extra-curricular schedules.

Now, on to the Waldorf Race Report!



  1. Just checking in. Looking forward to the race report.

    Beautiful cake, by the way!


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