Posted by: Karen | September 16, 2007

Post-Moose Runs

Tuesday evening Trisha came out and joined me for a nice recovery run behind the CRR 10k group. We ran a gentle, steady pace along the paved river paths, and watched the rest of the group leave us behind for 4 x 1 mile repeats. Lisbet did some 800m repeats instead, but we all finished up and stretched at the picnic benches by around the same time.

Thursday night I worked in a quick 5k around my neighbourhood at sunset. Y’know, the more I run trails, the flatter my neighbourhood seems.



  1. OK, so I’ve now made it one of my fitness goals to get out and run with the CRR group. There. Now someone else knows about it, so I’m committed to making it happen. Where do we meet again??


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