Posted by: Karen | September 7, 2007

Hug Somebody This Monday

Before I head to work and then out on this weekend’s whirlwind o’ fun, I just wanted to urge you to participate in Free Hug Day this Monday. This is a worldwide event based on Juan Mann’s video and is now being perpetuated by Alex Schaffer’s Facebook group Free Hug Day.

Just in case you haven’t signed up for Facebook yet, I’ll quote Alex’s reason for holding this event on Monday:

“The reason for the date, September 10th is the day before 9/11. We will all sit down on that day and think about the tragedies that have befallen this world, we will think of the twin towers, of the iraq war, of the terrorist attacks all over the world. We will think to ourselves…what has this world come to? where has the good gone. That is why i created this event, so when you do ask yourself that, you think about all the hugs you had recieved the day before and you think to yourself that there is love left. I want people to be reminded that this world has a great amount of good left in it, and that it should never be forgotten.” 

Am I ever glad to see YOU!  Warm Up with a Hug  WC5H8178_hug_Katie_and_Karen.JPG

Oh heck, don’t wait until Monday. Use the weekend to get in a little practice, eh?



  1. What a great idea! Here are hundreds of hugs from Mom!!!

  2. And here are hugs for all your email friends too!

  3. **********hugs************. You give great hugs.

  4. Since I probably won’t see you tomorrow, here’s a hug for you!



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