Posted by: Karen | September 5, 2007

Cheesecake & a Break at the Lake

Friday I celebrated my birthday in style, by digging into a turtle pecan cheesecake made by yours truly. It took quite some doing, because a) I’d lost the recipe, and then when I decided on an alternative one, I’d b) misplaced my springform pan. Eventually it all came together, and I only suffered one more setback – a burned finger from dripping too-hot melted chocolate on it. The result was well worth the sacrifice – yum!

Saturday I packed up the kiddos and we headed out to a friend’s cottage on Pine Lake. There we paddled around in both the 2-person and 1-person kayaks, and I spotted from the powerboat while my teenage son alternately went tubing and piloted. I took short dips in the chilly lake and recovered in the hot tub. We watched long-weekend fireworks from the boat in the middle of the lake – very impressive!

Sunday I jogged and walked for 40 minutes on pretty much the same route Dawn and I covered last year, at pretty much the same pace. I just didn’t feel energetic, and I’d only had ONE beer the night before. We did more tubing and kayaking. I drank a couple of margaritas and somewhere in there I managed a nice nap in a deck chair. Ahhh what a great way to spend the weekend.



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