Posted by: Karen | September 5, 2007

5 1/2 x 800m

The 10k group did six 800m repeats last night, and Lisbet and I managed only slightly less.

After about a 10 minute warm-up we did 4 x 800m repeats. Then a 500m walk, a 500m blast, and one more 800m push while the skinny-fasts cleaned up their 6th one.

Our repeats: 4:31, 4:16, 4:45, 3:00 (for the 500m), and 4:45 (what does Nancy say? Stick a fork in me? I’m done.) I totally thought the last one should have taken less time. I worked the hardest in it 😛

2 days, 17 hours, 17 minutes and counting until I tackle the Moose’s 16k loop!



  1. Happy belated birthday! I was finishing off Bikini Boot Camp on Tuesday night at Edworthy and I ran into Carla (??) after the group had finished their run. It sounds like you guys had a great workout. I should be able to make it out for next Tuesday’s run with the group. 6:30 pm, right? Good luck at Moose this weekend!


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