Posted by: Karen | August 30, 2007

Couple of Runs, and 41

Usually, when I run with the Tuesday/Thursday 10k group? I only run on Tuesdays. This week my schedule allowed me to run with them both nights, so I happily did.

The Tuesday/Thursday 10k group should really think up a niftier name. It’s not like the runners who come limit themselves to 10ks or anything.

The group is kind of between coaches at the moment, but we like to look busy, so Tuesday everyone agreed to do 8 x 400m repeats along the river pathway. We had a few newbies join us, and Darlene (different from last week’s new Darlene) warmed up with me at the back of the pack. I explained how the path markings worked, and we completed 6 of the repeats at a good pace before cooling down again.

Thursdays often mean hills, and last week I missed doing monster hill repeats on The Bastard. I’ve never done hill repeats on that one, and I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t really want to.

Tonight several of us ran the Douglas Fir Trail again – perfect training for the upcoming Moose Mountain race. The trail was absolutely beautiful, and I’m going to miss it this winter. This time, I had another new face, Lisbet, join me. She and her husband both run, and recently moved here from the Netherlands. She kept a very good pace, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have run that well on my own.

Tomorrow, Friday, is my 41st birthday, and I am very excited about it, because I made myself a turtle pecan cheesecake and I can’t wait to eat it tomorrow for after supper.



  1. Happy Birthday! And good for you for continuing to behave like a younger woman and waiting until dessert to eat the real treats…some of us feel we’ve earned the right to cheat (and, trust me, it shows). Have a great day, Karen!!

  2. Happy Birthday dear daughter!

  3. happy birthday! yay 41!

  4. Oh no! How could I miss your birthday! Happy 41st anyway. Hope you have a gazillion more birthdays and run every one of them. Keep going and soon you’ll be almost as old as me. I’ll let you catch up since I’ve decided not to age anymore.


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