Posted by: Karen | August 27, 2007

A Welcome Run

Last Tuesday I was hoping for some new Penguins to show up with the group, because I really didn’t want to do 4 x 1 mile repeats. I was still feeling my long trail run the Sunday before and knew I wouldn’t be able to stay close to the fast ones over that distance.

My wish was granted, as Darlene and her friend came out and kept me company. They had done a couple of half marathons, and their times were pretty close to my Police Half in 2006 (Is that how long it’s been since I’ve done a half? Hmmm). We merrily put in about 40 minutes of fairly comfortable social running, and my legs and lungs cooperated nicely.

I felt so good Wednesday that I almost went running again, but I had other things to do at home, so put it off. I shouldn’t have, because Thursday was a long day at a workshop, after which I enjoyed some social time with the class. By the time I retrieved Little Runner from the in-laws I didn’t have much energy left for running.

This week I plan to be out for both the Tuesday and Thursday runs, in case you’d like to come along.



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