Posted by: Karen | August 19, 2007

Urban Prairie Trail Run

It took me forever to get out the door for my long run today. I piddled around with e-mailing, commenting on other blogs and facebook pages, looking up knot garden patterns and grilled peach recipes. I don’t know why I always procrastinate so much – once I get out there I really do enjoy it.

My corner of Calgary is blessed with several natural prairie parks all strewn together along south facing slopes. Their well-traveled dirt paths are perfect for trail training and I don’t have to worry about being miles from nowhere when running alone.

porcupine signIn my own small neighbourhood there are at least four small hilly parks, two of which I climbed over today before I crossed a major road. One of these parks had a warning sign by the entrance, but I wasn’t too worried. I figured the critter would hear me coming and hide.Up

Once I crossed the road, I climbed up through a few blocks of suburban pavement and concrete to get to the next park, which led me up even further. I did a lot of walking on the steep parts. Once on top of the world, I could see for miles around. I trotted along the top, and then dipped down to cross a bridge into a third, bigger neighbourhood with bigger parks and even bigger hills.

Down and UpIn this view from the bridge, you can see a valley with trees in the foreground, with a big hill behind it. I made it up to this ridge, and then down through another valley and up to the ridge beyond that.Wheeeeeeeeeee

On the right is the view from the left ridge, of the valley and the hill beyond it.

Between Edgewood and HawkwoodIt took me 70 minutes to get around the top of that last hill before I turned back, but I had the camera keeping me amused, and obviously I took several photo breaks. Eventually I worked my way back home down and up, down and up again, over the Edgewood bridge, and down, up, down, over the doggy parks.Bliss

I felt completely rewarded when I took this shady route through the trees before hitting the last km of pavement home again.

It wasn’t a hard-working training run, but it was a good one.



  1. Oh my, I don’t know what I’d do if I came across a porcupine here. Looks like a lovely place to run and still feel safe.

  2. Looks like a lovely run!

  3. That porcupine warning it too funny! 😀 Maybe that’s for walkers and stuff who might be creeping up on the thing quietly by accident. I would think they’d be skittish and hide from people.

    Looks like a nice running route, Karen. I need to get a small digital camera to take pics on some runs. My camera is a GIANT.

  4. Nice trails! Did you know that traveling in the ravines rather than in the prairies above is the last thing you want to do since that is where all the bears sleep or lie in wait? Oh wait, ha ha. There are no bears in Calgary. You are safe!


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