Posted by: Karen | August 19, 2007

Club Run and Track Night

Yay for me, I made it to the CRR Club Night on Thursday. Yay for a dozen others, because we had quite a good turnout, including two newcomers. The weather was perfect for a nice, flat run along the river pathways, and even offered a gentle breeze once in a while.

Boo for me, because I totally missed the first ever CRR Track Night, the very next night. I somehow managed to leave it out of my week’s plans, and when Dawn called to remind me Friday after work, I was too disorganized and tired to go. Check out her great photo report. I hope they hold another one soon – it looks like fun!



  1. OK, so I didn’t make it out for the long run. How does one find out about the track nights? I’ve never run on a track before, really, so it would be kinda fun to try it out.

    BTW, I went to Gord’s today. You’re right. He’s amazing!!! I don’t think I’ll ever shop anywhere else. Oh yeah, and he says to say Hi.


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