Posted by: Karen | August 14, 2007

Where I Was Last Week

Little Runner and I went to an old Bible camp where my mom used to bring me every summer. We had a blast. We were called to:

  • Be lovable, and understand that everyone else is, too.
  • Be Grateful
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Share

Cabin 13 at Hastings Lake Bible CampWe stayed in one of the old cabins (No. 13) by choice, so LR could sleep on the top of an old-style bunk bed. She spent every moment she was allowed to in the outdoor pool. It was a small group, only about 40 campers. We participated in nearly everything. Now that LR is older and I have more energy, we were able to enjoy camp more fully than other years.

Together with a few counselors and 4 other kids, LR and I canoed across the lake (about 50 minutes) for an Out Trip Tuesday after evening chapel. The sun set over the lake as we paddled. We toasted marshmallows and sang around a campfire, then slept on the ground under a lean-to made of tarps and a rope in the St. Margaret’s chapel yard. We canoed back in the morning before breakfast. Very cool. There were way too many mosquitoes, but we survived.

Sunday morning before we went to camp, I ran for 90 minutes along gravel roads and through a valley near my mom’s country home. At camp, I got up early to run on Tuesday and Thursday, for 40 minutes each. Wednesday we began VolleyFest, 4 teams of volleyball in a round robin tournament. We got 4th place, but played hard and came within 1 or 2 points of winning in several games (~8 games in 2 days?) and our team (called the Scrambled Eggs) laughed and learned a lot.

Now I’m back to work, and tonight we celebrate my son’s 15th birthday. I will likely be at the Roadrunners Club Night run this Thursday. Hopefully some new Penguins will come out with me and the Roadrunners 10k group next week. Please feel welcome to show up and tag along at either.



  1. Sounds like a beautiful time together! Building great memories….

  2. Sounds like a great bonding week. Hope you took lots of photos to show LR when she grows up. 🙂

  3. The setting and the meaning you gathered from it sound like the ideal summer break.

  4. So glad you had a great time, Karen. Moments like those you just have to treasure forever and you know LR will. See you at Moose Mountain!

  5. sounds like the space of grace..

    gp in montana

  6. You looked very refreshed and centred after coming back from camp, I must say.

    I’m going on a day trip tomorrow, but it will mean that I miss my daytime run. Where are you guys meeting up tomorrow and what time do you usually go? Notice, this is you… pulling me out of my shell… And me, inching out slowly. 🙂

  7. I’ll be there…let me just go get a plane ticket

  8. I found your blog on Nancy Toby’s blog. I love small camps like the one you were at. Sounds like a great time. The small camp I grew up at burned down and my old church decided so far not to rebuild. I would love to take my kids there. I’m praying for them to rebuild. Also, I loved what you posted about us being called to do by God. A godo reminder. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Karen, it was awesome having you at camp. I hope to see you both next year. Take care!


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