Posted by: Karen | August 3, 2007

Douglas Fir Trail Run

Last night the 10k group tossed around a few choices; 100m repeats on flat pathway, 4 x 1000m up and down a bi-i-i-g hill on a paved road, or the Douglas Fir dirt path, wooden steps, and gravel roller coaster trail. Of course, loyal reader, you know which one I subtly lobbied for, with success 🙂

Ernie and Yen set off ahead of Karin and I, and waited for us at the usual places. The ups and downs on the steep north slope of the river valley were blissfully shaded with lush summer growth. The elevation changes stretched out my tight legs. Some of the wooden supports for the trail had shifted, probably due to heavy rains earlier in the year. This made some footing especially challenging, which was fun.

We ran on the slope going eastward, then crossed the train tracks and ran back together along the flat riverside path at the bottom. I worked up some good momentum and just shut up and ran, as a long noisy train alongside us screeched and rumbled. It was a delightfully satisfying workout at just the right pace. I was feeling all baby bear as I headed home.

Then my darling Malibu refused to start. The battery was totally dead, and Hubby had to come rescue me. Looks like my alternator is kaput. Ah well, it needed a tune-up anyway. Hopefully the garage can fix it today before I go on another road trip tomorrow.

*Editor’s Note* The alternator’s fine, the battery was just too far gone to charge up again. Yay for Nikkon’s garage on 4th Street, who fixed it all up for me in short order.



  1. We almost bought a Malibu a couple of years ago, but my husband talked me out of it. Sounds like the running is picking up for you.


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