Posted by: Karen | August 1, 2007

Two Minute Lung Busters

Last night the CRR 10k group did some friendly speed training along the pathway by the river.

Friendly, meaning:

  • We all warmed up at close to the same conversational pace together for the first mile.
  • Instead of running 8 x 400m repeats, we ran hard in 2 minute bursts 8 times.
  • We all rested together in 2 minute breaks between the bursts.
  • The faster ones walked back during the rest, while slower ones walked forward,
  • So we all could catch our breath and grunt encouragement to each other before taking off together each time.
  • We all cooled down together at pretty much the same pace, with Davey chatting merrily beside me in his charming scottish accent on the way back.

I just about kept up with Karin for the entire first two speed bursts, but I have not been training much lately and it showed big time. I kept a good cadence, but my steps got smaller and smaller and she got away on me in the next ones.

I told myself to lean forward. to relax. to let imaginary strings pull my knees forward. to breathe without forcing it. I consciously had to remind myself to breathe IN during the fifth one.

It was not easy at all, but the good thing is that I was reminded of the single most important thing that makes running easier for me; running more. My sparse training of late made last night hard. I have to get out there more. I am enjoying the challenge of keeping up with this bunch.

To facilitate the running more part for at least this week, I told Karin I’d come out and run hills with her Thursday. I will.



  1. I picked five pails of raspberries by 2 pm. Does that count as exercise? Didn’t find any hills in the patch!


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